Different Types Of Food Trucks Available in NYC

Obtaining or renting a meals truck Might Seem to Be Difficult Choice to make. But, realizing the different types of food truck rental available can assist you to decide which one is perfect to your requirements and tastes. Here are some of the Absolute Most Well-known choices:

Avenue Vendor

The street vendor type Has Existed since there were Street sellers in NYC, on average serving hotdogs, pretzels, ice cream cones, etc..

This kind usually earns less than $500 each day on average but Offers small overhead expenses because these vendors let their distance by town’s department of transportation (DOT).

Food Court Docket

The food courtroom sort gets its title from being inside a shopping Mall or other retail location which includes tables where customers could eat and sit.

All these trucks offer different meals, often selling different items From each other to appeal to this specific tastes offered from this specific location.


The concession type Is like the food courtroom type but may be Available at venues like athletic activities or outside spaces where temporary sales distances are leased out for one-time use only (normally on week ends ).

This type is more expensive than the food court kind because it Has higher leasing expenses and another cost a day per person to market their products.


The roving kind is cellular and often located in people occasions such as Festivals or parades. Such a food truck has got the lowest overhead expenses and also needs to find new customers to turn a profit regularly.

The Last Words

These are some of the favorite Food Truck Rental Choices Readily available. Also, remember that toaster trucks might have high startup fees but offer you many advantages that jelqing models usually do not, including longer number (like fitter alternatives ), cleaner menus for those who have dietary restrictions, etc.. )